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Miramar Truck Center | 1595 Radar Road, San Diego, CA 92154 | 619-272-5340

Heavy Duty Truck Body Fabrication, Equipment & Parts.


At Miramar Truck Center, we can fabricate any truck body to your specifications.

We specialize in:

  • Custom Truck Body Fabrication

  • Collision Repair on Commercial Trucks, Trailers & Box Trucks

  • Part Modifications

  • Custom built parts & equipment

  • Paint Shop

  • Allison Rebuild Center

Call us today to 619-272-5344

Excellent Service

We Fix It. Our technicians have the experience and the equipment to make sure your truck is up-and-running ASAP regardless of how unique it is.

Custom Truck Parts

When you have a custom truck, that means custom parts too. We can rebuild a broken part from scratch to ensure it fits your specialty vehicle.


Truck Body Fabrication & Parts

We Build it too! Our crew can build the perfect truck for any job. You name it, we can do it...custom body construction for your truck chassis.



Ford Engine Parts & Service

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